Hydration and inflammation

The practice of sports should be obligatory for all, if our goal is to improve our state of health. And to improve this, we must take into account 2 primary factors: HYDRATION AND INFLAMMATION.

O2xypro® is developed to counteract the INFLAMMATION generated during sports and, in many practitioners and not necessarily high performance, becomes chronic.

O2xypro®, reduces inflammation, boosting the immune system, being an effective antioxidant or neutralizer of free radicals, produced in our body. O2xypro® is currently being used by professional football clubs from different European leagues, by national soccer teams, as well as by a large number of athletes and athletes from very different sports disciplines.

O2xypro® concentrated spray oil is the Samurai in the day to day of the athlete, helps maintain an immune system capable of meeting the demands of training and competition.


Formulated with total absence of substances prohibited by WADA.