Squalene is a molecule of natural origin whose main sources are shark liver oil and olive oil. It is part of our metabolism which has its own biochemical pathways to synthesize it.
Once absorbed through the daily intake (between 60 and 85%) or synthesized endogenously it is very easily distributed by the human organism with the skin being the most important final destination from a quantitative point of view (between 10 and 12). % of the total concentration).

Its proportion in the body is reduced from 25 years.


The knowledge of shark liver oil by Oriental Medicine goes back many centuries. The story tells that the ancient fishermen of Suruga Bay (Japan) were characterized by their strength and vitality, which they obtained by consuming extracts of shark liver.

The first written document detailing the benefits of shark liver oil dates from 1596. It is the Pen Tsao Kang Mu, considered a master text of Oriental Medicine, a 52 volume work compiled by the Chinese naturalist Li Shih Chen. It was not until 1906 that Dr. Mitsumaru Tsujimoto, a Japanese chemist and expert in marine oils, discovered a large amount of a single hydrocarbon highly established in deep-sea shark liver oil. Subsequently, the Swiss Paul Karrer identified the molecular structure of squalene in 1935, two years before obtaining the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. From this moment began the spectacular interest in Europe and North America of this natural organic compound.


Given the lower incidence of some chronic diseases in populations of the Mediterranean basin, epidemiological and clinical studies found that the Mediterranean diet was primarily responsible for the good health of its inhabitants. Later it has been scientifically proven that the consumption of olive oil rich in squalene and other minor components plays a fundamental role in this.

The human organism synthesizes 1.5 g / day of squalene and the average contribution in a Western-type diet is about 30 mg per 2,000 calories. Multiple studies advise that a 400 mg / day supplementation is sufficient and optimal to improve health and sports performance.

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