¿Why is there one for men and another for women?

The needs and demands of our targets (Woman and Man) are different. Our scientific department has set the current composition following the guidelines and recommendations of several international institutions, which are constinously updated. 

Is is just for athletes?

Not at all. Strenghtening the immune system will always improve the health of anyone and at any age.

What level of Neutrophils is considerated low whithin the limits?

The optimum levels of Neutrophils are subject to small variations according to the standards used by the different labs. If you increase your activity you will improve your health and performance.

Where does Squalene come from?

O2xypro® Squalene comes from olives. Thanks to the process called O2livotecnia®, we guaranteee the necessary contentrations. We must bear in mind that the Squalene in itself and without being associated to Polyphenols of high anti-oxidative capacity, such as Hydroxitirosol and Tirosol, wouldn’t have such a powerful effect for the immune system.

Does O2xypro® contain any prohibited substances?

O2xypro® does not contain any substance included in the WADA list.