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The CAR is a support organization for sport for the sea at international level, optimizing the resources of the highest technical and scientific quality.

The CAR started its activities in 1987 after the election of Barcelona as the Olympic venue as an instrument to improve the performance of top-level athletes. It has the necessary means for the comprehensive training of athletes using as a unit of Health Sciences, Medicine and Technology. 

The CAR, always concerned about achieving the maximum performance of its athletes, after the scientific basis of O2xypro®, as well as its effectiveness in professional athletes, it has been decided that it has been agreed by means of which O2xypro® becomes CAR provider in matters of supplements and sports nutrition.

O2xypro® is recommended by the CAR and professional athletes and athletes for their management, quality and safety in the absence of impurities and substances is not allowed that you have a positive control of doping, thus protecting the athlete's health.

O2xypro® proves to be a reference in the strengthening of the immune system and in the regulation of inflammation, in addition to meeting higher quality and providing innovation in the market of nutritional supplements.

O2XYPRO® of the Instituto de O2livotecnia® is a product RECOMMENDED BY THE CAR.