Physical trainer FC Basel 1893. Professor at the Pablo de Olavide University in Seville.

Soccer is a collective sport where high intensity actions occur with high mechanical stress intermittently, causing high levels of inflammation and significant muscle damage in players. Therefore, the immune-inflammatory system is intimately related to this sport. On the one hand, due to its indispensable function in the regeneration of damaged muscle cells due to the repetitive eccentric actions that occur during the action of the game and, on the other hand, for its multiple connections with the energy metabolism. Based on this, a supplement that enhances and strengthens the immune system is essential to improve the health of the player, promote performance and optimization in the processes of recovery and muscle reconstruction, helping all this to try to minimize the player’s risk of suffering an injury. In short, we must consider as one of the objectives to improve the inflammatory profile of our players, which they will thank us in the field.